What We Do

advisorWe help individuals and families and to expand their financial knowledge and enhance their financial planning, investment decisions and wealth creation. We work with business owners too – to mitigate tax implications and add value for your employees.


Our approach puts people first
We believe everyone has the right to no-cost, professional information and financial advice. This underpins our approach. So, when we first meet with you we take time to understand your current financial situation and your hopes and dreams. Our advisors are sincere and experienced. Getting to know you as an individual is important to us… and, to how we best assist you.

We’ll ask about your financial knowledge and interest areas, and your current financial situation. We’ll help you find possible savings to free-up cash flow that can be redirected to needed insurance tools or investment opportunities.

It’s truly a holistic way of serving you. We want to help you reduce areas of potential financial anxiety such as debt load or tax obligations. Then, help you plan for the future to provide: increased financial knowledge and confidence, peace of mind, ongoing protection, and financial stability and wealth creation. And, we stay in touch too. As your individual or family circumstances change we’re here to help you revisit your financial plan and provide advice and solutions.

If you need assistance with personal tax preparation, we can refer you to our colleagues.

Working with small and mid-sized businesses
We work with business owners to mitigate tax implications and add value for your employees. Several of our financial advisors have established and run successful businesses themselves. In addition to our financial advising and planning services we often deliver Lunch & Learn sessions for employees to help them better understand and maximize their benefits including health, dental and group savings plans.

If your business requires tax preparation assistance, we can refer you to our colleagues.

Currently we serve clients throughout Alberta. Our national expansion is currently starting in Saskatchewan and BC. We can provide our services in French, Spanish and Cantonese upon request.

If you wonder if we can help you… the answer is yes!
Remember, our approach is respectful, caring and supportive. There is no cost to meet with us. We willingly share information and suggestions to enhance your financial future and there is no obligation to consider any product.

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